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Hey, I'm Montana.

I'm a product-oriented technologist that enjoys learning, building, and writing, mostly on Twitter.


I'm currently an engineering team lead at Dynamic, a web3 authentication platform. My team is currently in charge of the embedded wallets product, where we help teams remove the friction of crypto onboarding through providing easy to use app-scoped wallets.
I co-founded Sprise, a product studio and software agency. We've launched products like which has helped content creator teams easily split revenue and was acquired in 2023. On the agency side, we've also helped clients built software that ranged from crypto crowdfunding platforms to international shipping logistic management solutions.
I worked at Amazon where I built software to optimize their online catalog selection. I then went over to AWS, where I was a founding software engineer on the team that launched Amazon Managed Blockchain in 2019.
I also started Sengage, a company in the live streaming space that built software for Twitch streamers and the technology for the Cash App Trivia gameshow. It became one of the most popular shows on Twitch in 2020 and reached up to 100k concurrent viewers per episode.
During college I was an undergraduate researcher in the University of Georgia Robotics lab and performed an internship at Adult Swim.

Some of my content has gone viral


I ❤️ making cool stuff

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